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Mt Lassen Fiber Guild

What is Fiber Fusion?

In 2011 Mt. Lassen Fiber Guild started Fiber Fusion to share with the community the excitement and inspiration we have found within the realm of the fiber arts - the love of raising fiber animals and the deep connection to the plants that give us fiber, dye colors, and more.

Fiber Fusion's primary goal is education. We promote and sponsor local fiber-related 4H, non-profits, and small businesses. We also give everyone a chance to learn a new craft or skill. People learn by watching live demonstrations or doing the crafts themselves. Competitions, sheep dog trials, and lectures ensure there is something for everyone.

As a group of beginners, experimenters, and experts working in multitudes of fiber related disciplines, we have fun while learning and manifesting our dreams. Since we thrive in creating and making beautiful things that satisfy, we wanted to share the wealth of knowledge and expertise of the guild members, local fiber producers, and shop owners to create a forum for like-minded people to share information, and to inspire the curious to learn more. Fiber Fusion is also a great marketplace where you can get fibers, tools, and supplies directly from growers, dyers, producers, and designers.

As Fiber Fusion continues to evolve, it is expanding into a widening circle that includes multiple fiber animal producers, weavers, spinners, knitters, crocheters, basket makers, natural plant dyers, felters, and more.

We have come to recognize that we are a part of a much larger world movement of DIY'ers, makers, and artisans that realize the satisfaction and richness of handmade items. We also would like to offer our creations to the greater community that may not have the time or inclination to create their own, but have an appreciation and connection to the materials, the function, and the soul of our work.

WE ARE TAKING A BREAK IN 2017... Look for Fiber Fusion in 2018! Plans are already underway!