What exactly is RTP then?

RTP stands for 'Return to Player' and is expressed via percentage. This percentage shows the odds of winning on any NetEnt slot. See here for a slot list https://www.netentcasinos.money .

How is the RTP percentage calculated?

Take the percentage of total wins on a game and divide it by the total stakes wagered, this gives the RTP percentage. See iafflocal2958 for high RTP games.

Whats a practical example of RTP?

If the RTP is 95% and you play 100 bets at 1.00, then you can expect 95.00 back. The rest of the money (5.00) becomes the house edge.

What is 'House Edge?'

Casino beat players because the odds are stacked in their favour. This advantage is called the house edge. It is the percentage of players' bets that the casino keeps.

  • RTP is how much the player can get back
  • The house edge is how much the casino keeps

How is house edge calculated?

Over the long term, for every 100.00 that the player bets, the Casino keeps 5.00 as profit and returns the other 95.00 to the payer as winnings on average.

The RPT of any NEtEnt slot game cannot be changed. Independent certification companies certify all NetEnt slot games at the RTP stated in the game rules.

Why can't a RTP be chaged?

An online casino that changes a game's RTP can lose its gambling license and will be marked as 'rogue' or be forced to close its doors.

What is a rogue casino?

Rogue casinos are those that use unfair means when dealing with their players. The basic ethics of online gambling like fair play, honesty and transparency do not feature.

  • NetEnt RTPs cannot be changed
  • NetEnt casinos need to be honest

What is 'hit frequency'?

Between slot games, there can be great difference in the hit frequency. Hit frequency is how often bets on a video slot game will result on a winning outcome.


What is an example of hit frequency

If a slot game has a hit frequency of 10%, it means that the reels will stop spinning and end on a winning outcome about 10% of the time.

Any correlation between win frequency and RTP?

A slot games' RTP percentage will not show how often you can expect a winning outcome. Slots with higher win frequencies pay out more often but less.

Certainly the inverse of the above statement is also true to an extent. Online slot games with lower win frequencies will pay out bigger sums but not as often.

Do NetEnt games have random and fair payouts

When it comes to casino game statistics, understand that any numbers are based on thousands of events. Random Number Generators (RNGs) govern these and ensure unbiased and arbitrary results.

RNGs ensure that players' winning chances remain the same and games outcomes are random but fair. A gambling myth is that online slots will pay out in regular intervals.

  • RNGs ensure fair results
  • Beware of gambling myths

Slot games are not aware of their history and every spin is independent. Your winning chances are exactly the same with every spin, thanks to built in RNGs.

What is an RNG?

A RNG is in essence the underlying maths according to how slot games work. Basically the RNG determines which symbols will appear on a reel after a spin.

The RNG is an algorithm that selects a random number between 0 and 4 billion and translated into a set of numbers corresponding to the symbols displayed on the reels.

The RNG gives the game some random numbers before the game can display a result at the end of a spin. The RNG is totally separate from the game mechanics.